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Al-Masry Textile Company

More than 20 years of experience in the yarn industry and trade

What distinguishes us

Product quality

Al-Masry Textile Company offers you the finest types of polyester, propylene, chanel, cotton, jute yarn and other products that are manufactured with the latest industrial machines with high quality.

Customer satisfaction

We are always keen on customer satisfaction and that they obtain the finest types of threads as well as the best prices, dealing with us once is enough for there to be a long-term business relationship.​

work experience

Al-Masry Textile Company has experience in manufacturing and trading all kinds of threads for more than twenty years. We started from Syria and set off to many countries of the world during which we worked in several countries, including Turkey, China and India.

Al-Masry Company

Al-Masry Company specialized in the manufacture and trade of threads.

An Arab company, currently based in Turkey, the city of Gaziantep, has worked to distribute its products both in the local and international markets.

The beginnings of Al-Masry Company go back to the year 2000 AD when it established the company in Syria, the city of Aleppo. With time, the company has a solid base of customers and suppliers with a long-term business relationship.

Al-Masry Textile Company – Turkey – Gaziantep – Bash Banner Industrial Zone.

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Al-Masry Company

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More than 20 years experience in yarn manufacturing and trading

Al-Masry Textiles Company meets all customer needs from importing and exporting all types of yarn.

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Polyester yarns

Polyester yarns are used in many industries, and there are many types of polyester yarns, such as polyester yarns and matted polyester, as well as differing in the number of filaments, for example.

 And in Al-Masry Textile Company for the manufacture and trade of all types of threads, you can order the type of thread you want

Cotton thread

Cotton yarns are among the most important yarns, they have more than one size that vary in thickness and strength, and it can be said that most types of cotton yarn should be white.

  We are Egyptian Textile Company for the production and trade of all types of yarns. We have white and silver cotton yarns in several sizes.

Chenille yarn

Chenille yarn is a relatively recent development in the textile industry, as it was first introduced in the eighteenth century. Chenille yarn is made from a variety of fibers including cotton, rayon and wool.

 Through Al-Masry Textile Company for the manufacture and trade of all types of yarns, you can order Chenille threads.